Whitman College Art Department


The focus of the studio arts program is the enrichment of the intellect through the creation, expression, and interpretation of complex ideas within a wide range of visual and conceptual art forms. We serve the needs of students preparing for careers in the arts as well as the needs of students who want to develop their creative abilities in the service of other fields of inquiry.

Courses completed in the art major apply to the fine arts and cultural pluralism (selected courses) distribution areas.

Please visit the courses page for general information about the department's offerings. An up-to-date listing of courses taught each semester may be found in the Whitman Course Catalog.

Major requirements:

A minimum of 35 credits including: two courses from Arts 100 - 115: 130 or 160, one other beginning-level studio art class, one intermediate-level studio art class, one advanced-level studio art class in the area of concentration, Arts 480, 490; Art History 103, 229, and one course dealing with nonmodern art history (e.g. Asian Art, Renaissance Art, Greek and Roman Art, Aesthetics). The completion of Art History 229 is a prerequisite for 480 and 490.

For the student who desires to pursue graduate studies in studio art, it is recommended that additional courses be taken in the major in consultation with the adviser.

Minor requirements:

A minimum of 19 credits including one course from: Art History  and Visual Culture Studies course, Arts 100-115, plus nine credits from beginning-level studio art courses (which must include at least one 3-D class and one 2-D class) and an additional three credits of an intermediate-level studio art course.

For the art major with an art history and visual culture studies minor, no course may satisfy both the major and minor requirements. When the same class is required in both the major and minor, an additional class will be required after the appropriate department has approved it.

The P-D-F option may not be used for classes within the art major or minor.